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At ZENRITU, we import and export industrial grade lens by using our own route.  (main item: CCTV lens, surveillance  camera lens, CCD lens, varifocal lens, Zoom lens, Fixed focus lens)

We can accommodate your detailed requests quickly.



1.Fixed focus lens


The aperture and focus can be adjusted manually, but the focal length is fixed.

・VF16 1.4

・VF25 1.4

・VF50 1.8



2.Zoom lens

With zoom lens, the focal length can be adjusted to let you enlarge the ratio of images.

In the case of an electric zoom lens, it is wired to the controller with a cable, and it controls all the aperture, zoom, and focus electronically.

・V10×16REA PI

・J10×10R-Ⅱ PZF I




3.Varifocal lens


It is a type of zoom lens. You can usually change the magnification ratio from 2 to 3 times manually. You can adjust the field angle of view at installation without changing the lens.


4.pinhole lens


It is a small lens which diameter is about 1 to 4mm. You can shoot from a tiny hole. This lens is suitable for taking pictures without getting noticed.



5.auto diaphragm lens   


Other custom made correspondence is also possible.  



21 times lens

It has a function to automatically adjust the aperture (focus manually) according to the brightness of the subject.

Varifocal lens

A type of zoom lens. You can manually adjust the magnification factor by 2 to 3 times, and using the same lens you can adjust the optimum angle.



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